Well where are we, we are at The Health Information Center  , a website that provides reviews that we believe are informative with regard to cooking for weight loss, losing weight, getting fitter not fatter.

It may also included data and reviews an specific elements of loss of weight for men and women, things like the Venus factor are specific to the ladies.

Where do we get the Information

After 40 years of coaching all ages male and female some of the changes in the reviews material is personal and gleaned from having had to disperse that information to overweight rugby players, underweight rugby players trying to gain weight and bulk,  ladies and gents that are unfit or unhealthy trying to correct that.

In articles behind the reviews we will discuss other elements such as Injuries, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, where we can. Remembering that they too can effect your weight gain or weight loss.

External Information

In some cases we will add reviews on the mental side of fitness, weight loss and training regimes, and if need be we will redirect you to some of our other sites that deal with these matter directly.

Feel free to Contact Me should you feel the need, ask question and if we do not know the answer we can always find out for you from our fellow researchers.

Jock Tiernan